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Swedish companies increase investments in new business areas

Innovation barometer 2017 shows a positivism among Sweden’s IT/telecom, manufacturing, and pharma/medtech/biotech companies.As many as 9 out of 10 companies plan R&D investments at the same or higher level as in 2017. More than 20% of them will invest in new business areas, which is a higher rate than previous years. Two out of three want to increase the number of R&D employees in Sweden but have difficulties in finding the right competences.

One third of the companies does not protect their innovations at all. When asked about what markets are most important for intellectual property, more than 60% answer Sweden and EU. See the full report PPP (in Swedish only).

It is now 10 years since the first Innovation barometer from Awapatent was released, and as usual it attracts attention in Swedish media. Some examples so far this year: