Awards and rankings received in 2018 in different national and international rankings.

WIPR Leaders

Inga-Lill Andersson and Ai-Leen Lim have been selected as "WIPR Leaders 2018" by World IP Review.

WTR 1000

In the 2018 edition of the international directory World Trademark Review 1000 – The World's Leading Trademark Professionals,

AWA as a group is recommended in the

  • international ranking (consisting of 21 IP firms in total): AWA has successfully positioned itself as a thoroughly modern international IP consultancy, with a strong presence in Northern Europe and Asia. AWA Group CEO Magnus Hallin, based in Malmo, must be credited with this success. He is very much into the business side of intellectual property, and has changed the face of the firm better to serve the commercial needs of its patrons. Awapatent really hit the big time in 2015 when it cut the ribbon on offices in Beijing and Hong Kong, and it definitely chose the right person to lead the AWA Asia effort in Ai-Leen Lim. She has been putting in consistently stellar performances for big brands, which love her for telling it like it is.

AWA Asia is recommended in the

Chinese ranking for foreign firms: Having established its Asia-Pacific presence, ambitious outfit AWA Asia shows no signs of slowing down. It assuredly guides dispute resolution and transactional negotiations as companies seek to navigate the intricacies of entering and doing business in the Chinese market.

Ai-Leen Lim, CEO of AWA Asia, is also top-listed in the individual ranking:

She is a natural leader who keeps her clients' best interests in mind. She always gives straight, well-reasoned advice that shows you the way forward and she is able to explain, in a very pedagogical way, how the Chinese trademark system differs from systems in Europe. She doesn't sugar-coat anything, which helps you accurately determine how much risk is involved in a particular course of action and she is a flexible problem solver whose client service is unparalleled. She makes herself available at any time of the day or night and is an exceptionally responsive professional who you can rely on 100%.

AWA is recommended in the

  • Tier 2 for Denmark

In the ranking of individuals, Anette Rasmussen, Attorney at Law, is recommended:

She handles opposition and cancellation proceedings calmly and efficiently and possesses in-depth knowledge in regard to border seizures too. Because she knows the history of her clients' brands and products, everything proceeds smoothly. On top of all this, she always reacts promptly to emails so you never have to worry for long.

AWA is recommended in the

  • gold category in the ranking for Prosecution and strategy and
  • silver category in the ranking for Enforcement and litigation:

AWA is a major player that delivers top-quality work every time.

In the individual ranking, Magnus Hallin, CEO of AWA is recognised:

Based in Malmo, group CEO Magnus Hallin is constantly in contact with his colleagues abroad, exchanging insights and ensuring everyone is in the loop on international filing strategies. As a member of the SPRO's advisory board, Hallin has an intimate understanding of the office's workings and its examiners' thought processes.

IAM Patent 1000

Sweden and Denmark: AWA is highly recommended for prosecution.

The Legal 500

Sweden: AWA is recommended for Intellectual Property and Media.

Peter Kenamets (AWA Sweden) is recommended for Intellectual Property and Media.