Our heritage

In 1901, the first ever Nobel Prizes were awarded - the Swedish symbol of global innovation. Only a few years earlier, in 1897, AWA´s history began.

The Swedish graduate engineer Anders Wilhelm Anderson (hence AWA in the company name) laid the foundation for his successful career in the patent business. Industrialisation and innovations were transforming society across Europe and Anderson realised that patents would be a key business tool.

Innovation, and thus intellectual property, truly transformed the region during the 20th century. First, companies such as Ericsson, Astra (today AstraZeneca) and Tetra Pak leveraged technological innovations globally. Then, a second wave of busi­nesses, including IKEA, ABSOLUT, VELUX, LEGO and many others, used design and brand building as key components of their success. AWA played an important role in many success stories like these and consequently established itself as a leading agency within patent as well as design and brand prosecution.

Today, the core of our industry is dramatically changing again. Genetics, nanotechnology and software innovations are pushing the boundaries of the possible and creating new intellectual property challenges. Furthermore, European intellectual property legislation has never developed at a faster pace in its effort to cope with the needs of our globalised economy.

AWA evolves with our clients and the world around us. In order to support our clients in building the prosperity of tomorrow, we constantly develop new services that meet our clients' needs. While staying focused on the future, we are proud of our history and experience of innovation.