A week of diverse learning and challenges

The third week for the trainees at AWA was a week of diverse learning challenges.

Tuesday started with learning how important art is in the IP world and that there are people within the company who make drawings for a living. So for all of you who do not want to spend your time doodling unreadable drawing, send the task over and receive cool and clear drawing win-win for all.

We also had a session where we learned all about the dress code at AWA as well as how to act when meeting clients. For example, do not be a prat, treat people with respect and be professional. This intense day of course ended with an After Work with the trainees from last year and we had a good time speed-dating. The ex-trainees treated us new trainees to a wonderful informal evening with a challenging music quiz in Finnish(!)

Several days this week were spent on the craftsmanship of claim drafting. But the educational content was not the only challenge faced. On Wednesday, a major power out in Gothenburg city threatened to postpone educational activities, but the relentless trainees figured out a way, and we all enjoyed some Christmas feeling with candles lit.

On Thursday, the Gothenburg office had prepared another much needed break for us, mingling, sharing drinks, snacks and of course – riddles! The night kicked off with some organised logical and mathematical problems which were quickly solved in teams. As soon as small talk was up to full speed, the organisation was abandoned, but some of the more dedicated trainees continued rubbing each other’s brains with some more improvised riddle solving.

Anna Leida Mölder & Sara Nilsson