Let the journey begin – Our start as AWA trainees

Finally, the time has come to begin our trainee program here at AWA, and what a start it has been. We started out at the Malmö office receiving a general introduction to AWA and getting acquainted with the other new trainees and some of the great people at Dotkeeper. This was followed by a small photoshoot with the best photographer, we all felt like stars. In general, a great way to start out our time at AWA.

But what we did not know at that time, the introduction day was just the calm before the storm. During the following two weeks we were put back on the school bench. Learning about patentability, the definition of a patent, how to draft a patent and which rights a granted patent gives you. This was just the tip of the iceberg of knowledge we need to become great IP attorneys. Even though it can be like quite the mouthful, the presentations and exercises - accustomed by experienced patent attorneys – made the first two weeks engaging and very interesting.

But not all the time was spent on the school bench. During our two weeks in Malmö, we have also managed to explore the city by going for a movie in the cinema, talking over a beer and playing darts. The Danish trainees became acquainted with the fantastic Swedish concept of “fika”, making the difficulties of using Danish chargers in Swedish sockets seem like a small matter - which it of course is when you have ten fantastic Swedish trainees around you ready to help.

With the two weeks in Malmö behind us, we are ready to go north to Goteborg for another week of learning about IP.

Thomas Amann & Rasmus Kvist Lund