Stockholm’s cold, but we’ve been told we were born to endure this type of weather

The trainees met up in Stockholm for a fourth consecutive week of training and bonding. After a warm welcome from the Manager of Business Area North, the programme kicked off with some claim translation from English to Swedish (or Danish, depending on your preference). After lunch, we were introduced to PatBase, and learned about novelty searches and how to conduct them. In the evening, we got to go and ’discover‘ the premises where we would be staying during the week. This time we got to share apartments, so that we would bond and get to know one another better.

The rest of the week comprised of Chemistry, candy, a full day of trying our hands on an EQE pre-exam, candy, more search, and more candy! We even got to celebrate Kanelbullens dag with yummy cinnamon buns! On Friday morning, we had a lovely breakfast at the office before the last session of the week. One shouldn’t leave out the construction site and related sounds/views happening right outside the windows of the conference room.

On Thursday evening, the Stockholm office held a music quiz with some pizza and booze. It was a great way to get to know Stockholm people and their music preferences!

Towards the end, we were all ready to get back to routine We looked forward to going back to our home offices and trying our hands on real-life cases to apply everything we had learnt. Needless to say, we will all miss each other as there will be five weeks before we meet again. We will miss our discussions now that we will need to face the world alone in our respective offices!

Luna Namazi & Olivia Berglund Darell