Increasing company value with IP


The client is a provider of wireless solutions on the electronics market – a small player among global giants.


The owners have set an exit goal of two years, and the value of the company should be maximized to that point of time. AWA went through the IP portfolio to guarantee that all intellectual properties, including patent applications, were due diligence-secure. We then created an IP roadmap and an IP board together with the client. Key elements of the IP roadmap included a focus during the two-year term on standard-mapping patents, licenses and the commercial most interesting solutions.

Output from the project is further executive summaries on patent, intended to attract investors. All IP-related work is executed with the aim of a due diligence-report, free from findings, at the exit.

Client value

By applying an IP-work approach to the overall aim of maximizing the value of the company at a future exit, the connection between investments in IP and return of the investment is made transparent. Thereby, the client is able to analyze and understand the effects of the IP investments.