IP Due Diligence – Selling & Buying

We support clients engaging in M&A, private equity, investments and divestments to enhance the object's value when selling and also to help deciding when to buy.

Before buying, our commercially-oriented due diligence starts with the business relevance of the prospect's IP portfolio and current IP management. We go beyond the classic inventory of IP rights to identify and assess IP risk scenarios. We raise white flags for what supports the business and red flags for issues that will need to be handled, should you decide to buy. If you do decide to buy, we can help you with integration.

As for selling (similar to the process above), we look into the business relevance of the IP portfolio and IP management of the company or branch. We identify issues that ideally should be handled before selling and communicate the business suitability of your IP portfolio to potential investors. Clearly demonstrating how the IP supports the business boosts the value of the sale – and ultimately the price.