Branding entails building a brand and establishing brand equity. It is a big challenge and a lot more than registering and maintaining a trademark. Branding contributes to market share and profit margins. Our attorneys view the law as an integral part of the creative process.

As your strategic partner, AWA guides you in your choice of trademark, product designs, packaging designs and colour schemes in order to minimise the risk of IP infringements and to create long-term exclusive IP rights that will stand the test of time.

Marketing is a key issue in branding. Misleading or other unlawful advertising means bad branding. Unfair commercial practice is the common name for this. Such practice kills good business strategies and is a significant threat to corporate identity.

We provide you with legal advice and legal clearance on brands and advertising campaigns to give you the opportunity to run effective sales promotion and other campaigns within the scope of the law, in Sweden, Denmark, Scandinavia and worldwide.

Branding is a vulnerable concept both in Business to Consumer and Business to Business. We will help you maintain your brand and respond adequately to the unfair commercial practices of third parties.

With AWA on your side, you have leading expertise to assist you. We can safeguard your brand equity for you – when choosing, developing and protecting your brand. In this way we assist you in reducing risks and achieving a better long-term return on your investment.

Our main focus is to understand your business and your needs. Let us help you build a strong and lasting brand for your business.