Building & construction

Our collective experience, competence and knowledge at AWA in the field of building and construction is unsurpassed in the IP business. Between us, our attorneys cover all aspects of the field. We provide sound, reliable advice on legal matters and in all stages of drafting, prosecution and post-grant handling of patents, utility models and designs.

Business understanding combined with thorough IP knowledge in cross-discipline protection is essential in our work with our clients to achieve strategic advantages in the market. We take pride in finding the optimal combination of IP rights to ensure maximum protection in every project.

For our larger clients in particular, we put together client teams experienced in handling the most complex and comprehensive assignments.

Our services include:

  • Drafting, prosecuting, and defending your registered rights before relevant IP offices
  • Opposing other parties' rights
  • Search and analysis services
  • Handling and coordination of disputes and litigation
  • Due diligence and portfolio analysis
  • Validity analysis and opinions

AWA represents clients ranging from smaller companies to some of the world's largest enterprises in their field.