Increasing global awareness of the effect of greenhouse gases and pollutants on the natural environment has led to a steady increase in demand for consulting services in the cleantech industry. AWA provides business strategic and legal consulting services in all aspects of intellectual property rights for companies and investors in the cleantech industry. This includes, of course, practical assistance in securing effective protection for innovations and brands.

Cleantech is technology that has less environmental impact than competing technologies, or results in reduced emissions of greenhouse gases. It is a multidisciplinary field of technology that frequently requires expertise and input from several areas of experience. The common denominator among cleantech companies is that they are all attracting ever greater interest from both investors and society at large, at the same time as competition within the industry is increasing. AWA has helped a number of cleantech companies to meet these changing realities.

A selection of assignments in which AWA is or has been engaged:

  • AWA helped a research-intensive biofuel company to devise a company-wide patent strategy and establish the IP organisation that is essential to enable the company to act with confidence in the international market. Now AWA is supporting the company in its work to achieve the ambitious goals it has set for itself.
  • At the request of a venture capital company, AWA conducted a due diligence review into the patent portfolio of a cleantech company. During the course of this work a number of weaknesses in the patent portfolio were identified, but AWA also presented concrete proposals for how these could be redressed.
  • AWA has helped a major power company to build up a picture of the patent situation on the subcontractors' market for carbon capture technology.