Manufacturing & Process Technology

AWA has a team of patent attorneys who are specialists in protecting innovations relating to all fields of manufacturing and process technology. These experts have all the knowledge and experience required to give you sound, reliable advice on legal matters and the drafting, prosecution and post-grant handling of patent applications and patents of this very broad field of technology which has its own standards when it comes to patent practice.

We can assist you with technical and legal matters in all technologies. By working across technical teams we ensure that all aspects of the patent drafting and prosecution are considered.

Our services include:

  • Drafting, prosecuting, and defending patents and patent applications relating to all technical fields of manufacturing technology
  • Opposing other parties' rights
  • Providing help and support ("buffer") in periods of heavy work load
  • Handling and coordination of patent litigation
  • Handling of patent disputes
  • Patent due diligence
  • Patent portfolio analysis
  • Agreements in connection with license and collaboration arrangements
  • Validity analysis and opinions on patents and patent applications

Our clients cover the full range from start-ups, small and medium-sized companies to very large enterprises.