IP coordination

It is a demanding and time consuming job to coordinate an IP portfolio. It requires efficient routines, extensive IP knowledge and a worldwide network of partners.
IP coordination is so much more than just paperwork and administration. It is also about understanding the business and the people involved.

IP portfolio administration…
AWA’s paralegals and IP coordinators have many years of professional experience of IP administrative work and coordination of IP portfolios for a large number of clients. We administrate patent, design and trademark matters through well-documented, best practice processes.

We are always up to date on the latest developments within IP and we keep track of all deadlines associated with IP rights all over the world. This has been AWA’s core business for 120 years.

Our paralegals and IP coordinators work closely together with our patent, trademark and design attorneys to take care of your IP portfolio in the best way possible. By letting us handle your IP administration, your IP matters are in safe hands while you can keep your internal administration cost to a minimum.

…and beyond: Outsourcing, project management, coaching - and more.
Our offer extends beyond traditional IP administration. Whether you are about to start and build a new in-house IP administration department, need help in training and coaching your own IP coordinators, or just require temporary assistance when you are short of staff, we can offer you a beneficial solution. We are ready to provide all the project management capacity and administrative support necessary with high quality and at attractive terms.

Other service areas include on-site IP administration support during a merger or an acquisition of an IP portfolio, the initiation and follow-up of bespoke IP inventor remuneration programs and IP portfolio communication.

IPR Forum is our web-based platform for IP portfolio overview and secure communication, giving you access to all important information about your IP portfolio so that you are always prepared to take the right strategic actions – whenever and wherever you need it. Rest assured that no matter what your concerns and needs are regarding the management of your IP, we are there to guide you.

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