In today's competitive marketplace, the name of a product, a symbol or design can often be the crucial factor in determining the difference between success and failure - not least in segments where many products share similar properties. Establishing a strong trademark is therefore the most efficient tool for communicating directly with the end consumers of a product or service.

The trademark allows for long-term actions and creates goodwill more effectively. A well-known and established trademark is a guarantee of quality. The company name, and the domain name which makes the company and its offerings easy to find on the Internet, are also strong characteristics.

Industrial strength and well-known trademarks are, without a doubt, key factors in a constantly changing market. Safeguarding and defending trademarks is an important aspect of the battle for market share. Thus, developing a carefully considered strategy for exploiting the potential of your trademarks is as essential as ensuring that your rights are not infringed.

AWA's attorneys can help you to establish comprehensive protection for your trademarks and other identifying features. And while we take care of the legal aspects, you can concentrate on your company's commercial development.