Domain names and Internet law

The digital revolution has resulted in domain names being more important than ever. At the same time, digital media have increased the risk of various types of infringement. For example, what do you do if someone registers a domain name that is similar to your own? Search advertising, banners, Facebook and Twitter are all areas in which a company can suffer fraud and infringement of its intellectual property rights. Many of these areas also have their own dispute resolution systems. We know when and how to act.

Domain names

Domain names are intellectual assets at the heart of a company's digital presence. Assuring the ongoing management of your domain name holdings and continuously developing your domain name portfolio in line with business goals are both strategic and crucial. When entering new markets and establishing new brands and concepts, access to business critical top domains is often decisive for a successful launch.

The development of and demand for domains have resulted in the emergence of a second-hand market. We can act as your representative in negotiations on terms and conditions for acquisitions and pursue domain disputes in the case of confirmed attacks on domain names.

We also offer ongoing monitoring as a complement to brand work. Brand and domain monitoring provides information on unauthorised parties exploiting your brand online or registering new domain names that are similar to yours. The immediate benefit to you will become apparent when your company discovers possible infringements, which means you can take action at an early stage.

Our domain name services

AWA’s partner in all domain name related issues is our subsidiary Dotkeeper. Together we can offer preliminary searches, domain name registrations, current administration, advice on foreign domain names, advice on trademarks and domain names, watches, and support if your rights are infringed online. On you can read more about how we cooperate and how we have helped some of our common clients.

You are welcome to contact us in all matters regarding your digital presence:

  • Corporate Domain Management (safer management)
  • Registration of domain names (global capacity)
  • Acquisition of already registered domain names
  • Domain Name Strategy
  • Domain Name Policy
  • Domain Name Valuation
  • Availability Analysis
  • Domain Name Watches
  • SSL Certificates
  • Legal and trademark services related to domain names,
  • Legal evaluation of domain name watch hits,
  • Legal evaluation, analysis and infringement assessment of activities under a domain name,
  • Proactive measures, including cease and desist letter and negotiations in relation to for instance trademark infringements and breaches against the Marketing Practices Act,
  • Assisting in Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) and Swedish alternate dispute resolution (ATF) proceedings,
  • Assisting in infringement proceedings before national courts,
  • Legal and strategic analysis before registration and use of domain name to minimise the risk of future infringement,
  • Legal and strategic analysis before registration and use of domain name to minimise the risk unintentional infringements of other parties’ rights,
  • Legal and strategic analysis and recommendations on acquisitions and/or transfers of domain names,
  • Services regarding domain name acquisitions and/or transfer agreements,
  • Trademark clearinghouse services,
  • Domain name related legal services regarding marketing law and copyright law, infringement, strategy and analysis.

Welcome to contact us if you would like to know more about our services!