Analyses & searches

Patent searches

AWA conducts patent searches to e.g. investigate the state of the art around an idea or a product, to map a competitor portfolio, or to assess whether you have freedom to operate (see also Freedom to operate investigations).

The searches may be anything from brief orientations to deep analyses performed by our patent attorneys. The level of ambition is determined in collaboration with you.

Upon request, we can also carry out preliminary assessments of the patentability of your idea or product in view of the search results.

Competitive analyses

AWA performs a market and technology search producing a presentation that illustrates in which direction your industry is moving, where the competitors are positioned and what their patent strategies are focused on. The analyses may answer questions like:

  • Who is active within patents in your industry?
  • How many patents does your competitor have?
  • What is "state of the art" today?
  • How has the patent landscape evolved over time?

Such information may be important in understanding technology opportunities and threats. We can also plot your developing technology using e.g. illustrative diagrams, to better try to understand where your company is positioned as compared to your competitors.

We can also monitor specific competitors over time. The monitoring can be dynamically evaluated and adapted over time with respect to changes (see also Monitoring services).

Technology & industry trend analyses

Many times it is important to relate your own business to its surrounding environment. AWA undertakes an in-depth statistical analysis of patent activity in your technology area or industry. From such an analysis it may be possible to determine industry trends, technology directions and competitor strategies. The analysis may also help in identifying your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT).

We can also monitor a technical field, specific inventors, a patent class or an adapted combination thereof over time. The monitoring can be dynamically evaluated and adapted over time with respect to changes (see also Monitoring services ).

Trademark searches

Before registering a new trademark, sometimes in multiple markets, it is advisable to check that it has not already been registered elsewhere and that it cannot be confused with existing trademarks. AWA carries out domestic and international trademark searches to help minimise the risk of unintentional infringements of other parties' rights.

Design searches

We conduct searches for identifying design rights registered at the design office for the European Union (OHIM) or via the WIPO system for international design registrations.