Freedom to operate investigations

Before launching a new product it is wise to assess the risk of infringing the IP rights (patents, designs, trademarks) of for example competitors.

Freedom to operate – patents

Any technology as well as a pending patent application or even a granted patent can be 'dominated' by existing IP rights and, hence, your freedom to use the new product may be limited.

AWA can analyse the current situation and explore your freedom to operate. To this end, we can help you analyse, for example:

  • the scope of suspected dominating patent claims,
  • the seriousness or risk of suspected dominating patent claims of a pending patent application,
  • whether a suspected dominating patent is in force,
  • whether the patent claims of a suspected dominating patent are valid,
  • whether there is a possible way of designing around the suspected dominating patent.

Freedom to operate – designs

In a similar manner as for patents, we can analyse the current situation in specific geographical areas to assess whether there are any registered designs that could hinder your activities.