Monitoring services

AWA offers a vast array of monitoring possibilities. See below for some examples. We customise our reports according to your specific needs.

Patent watches/monitoring

To keep you updated with developments in your business area, we carry out searches on a regular basis, monitoring new patent publications in your field of technology and/or by your competitors. In this way, you can get information about new published patent applications from competitors at an early stage. In a similar way we can also monitor the publication of granted patents, e.g. for opposition or for licensing purposes. We also offer the monitoring of developments in the prosecution of individual patent applications or patent families.

Trademark watches

It is usually up to existing trademark owners to challenge new trademark registrations if they feel they are too similar to their own. Trademark watches alert you if a third party submits a competing trademark application. This information may allow you to act before a product with a similar name is launched on the market. It also allows you to make use of the administrative objection procedures, which are much cheaper than corresponding court action.

Design monitoring

If your company's activities involve design, there is much to gain from keeping an eye on what is happening in your business environment. AWA offers constant monitoring of new designs registered with the EU trade mark and design agency OHIM or via WIPO's system for international design registration. Continuous monitoring of competitors' design activities makes it easier for your company to successfully manage the threat from competitors' rights. It also provides a good insight into competitors' ongoing technological development and future products, trends and tendencies.

Domain name watches

Domain name watches alert you if others register new domain names that are similar to a trade mark. The aim is to detect any infringements in good time so that it is possible to act on them.

Customs surveillance

One of the most effective remedies to fight counterfeiting activities is the cooperation with and help from EU national customs authorities, which offer the free service of monitoring the borders and detaining suspicious consignments being imported from countries outside of EU.

The owners of IP rights can also help the relevant authorities to distinguish between genuine products and fakes by uploading any appropriate information to the EU Customs Union enforcement database, for example product photos, unique features and detailed packaging specifications.

AWA can assist you in setting up a customs application and in the annual renewal of such an application. In addition, we assist our clients in the communications with Customs Authorities in the seizure of infringing products as well as communication with importers of such products and legal action before the relevant court of law. AWA manages a large portfolio of customs surveillances on behalf of multiple international clients, and enjoy a long-lasting and effective cooperation with national customs authorities.