Valuation services

Intellectual property (IP) such as patents, trademarks and design, and intellectual assets (IA) such as know-how, trade secrets and databases account for a majority of the business value in many companies today.

Why value?

There may be several reasons why the valuation of patents, trademarks, etc. or of a business unit within a company or an entire company is necessary. Some instances are listed below:

  • Valuation is needed when, for example, you need to sell or license your IP, giving you an estimate of potential future royalty incomes.
  • The valuation may be helpful when you need to determine whether your return on investment based on your IP/IA is sufficient.
  • If you plan to buy or sell a company or a business unit within a company, valuation can help you reach a better price regarding the acquisition or the sale.
  • In some cases you are required to value your assets due to regulations from either tax agencies or enforcement administrations.
  • Before securing an investment from an investor, a valuation may serve as a base for discussing the conditions, demands, shares, etc. A valuation is useful also from the investor's side, before investing in something that includes IP/IA rights.

Our offer

We offer a variety of valuation services regarding your IP/IA. These include:

  • Valuation of individual patents, patent families or groups of patents. Valuations of trademarks, know-how or other intangible assets can also be made.
  • Valuation of business units within a company or an entire company,
  • Close collaboration with our patent attorneys, attorneys at law and valuation experts during the entire process,
  • A comprehensive report, describing your company, followed by an IP/IA due diligence and a collection of financial data. Afterwards a description of chosen valuation methods is presented together with the calculations.