Renewal of IP rights

AWA handles all renewal related matters in respect of the intellectual property rights of your company – from the monitoring of due dates to the payment of fees.

Handing over to us responsibility for renewing your IP rights will allow you to safely focus on your core business. We will supervise your rights and you can rest assured that all matters will be handled properly. We can also offer you an annual budget review of your renewals and your portfolio, as well as access to our web-based system, IPR Forum, that always gives you a full overview of all your rights.

The Renewal Department at AWA is staffed by highly experienced personnel who use tried and tested tools and safety routines. We are available by email, phone and fax in order to provide you with swift responses to your renewal related inquiries.

Compared with service companies that only offer payments of renewal fees you will, above all, have access to better expert advice at AWA. We have a comprehensive overview of your IP portfolio and our experts are readily available should questions arise. If AWA is handling your right from application/prosecution stage to the renewal stage, you will also avoid the security risk of transferring crucial information between different databases.