The IP Journey

After two weeks of non-stop lectures and workshops with our clever and friendly co-workers (trainees and lecturers both included, of course), one thing that stands out is that although all the trainees came into this with wildly different backgrounds - we span the range from "just out of school" to "years of San Fran startup scene experience" - we seem to have all come into Awapatent with somewhat the same expectation: We want to be part of what we perceive to be the best.

That's not as simple as it sounds of course. With such an expectation in front of us, we have very large shoes to fill. Being part of the best means, implicitly, to be the best. At something. At... what? At "IP"? A nebulous prospect at best, as the field seems to grow larger and more complex before our very eyes. Co-workers tell us incessantly that you are never fully trained, never done. An expert? Certainly. But a master? Never. Eastern martial arts philosophy comes to mind, at least as portrayed in 80's ninja movies. The IP field is not a goal, but a journey. A journey towards being the best at something that is not outside, but within. Patience? Communication? Analysis? Sales? Strategy? We all have our own road, winding and intertwined with the others’.

Some of us are taking our first steps onto the road and a few have already gotten their feet wet. By listening to each other during rhetoric workshops and office action lectures, we slowly realize that if (or when) we become part of the best, we will do it together. And then it starts to make sense. Why our co-workers are so inspiring; they have all made the same journey. That is what we could smell when we walked into our first interview, that is why our colleagues are so happy all the time and that is why our customers keep coming back. They expect the best from us and in order for us to deliver our best we all need to work together. We don’t know where our individual roads lead yet, but we do know that we will have the full support of the company when we start gaining speed, regardless if our roads lead to Asia, to the world's first equity-based IP bureau or somewhere completely different.

First and foremost, our next stop is Linköping. We will see you there!

Jakob Krochmal och Niklas Rosholm