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Opportunity to hear Swedish IP judges comment on trademark law at MARQUES’ ‘Meet the judges’ event

On 10 October, MARQUES will host the event 'Meet the judges'. Come and listen to Swedish judges from e.g. PMD and the appeal court PMÖD, in a trademark law context, comment on

- new procedural rules, the issue of the Patent and Registration Office's role as party in appeal cases re. registration matters, joinder of cases etc; as well as
- EU law, in particular the degree of harmonisation, conform interpretation of Directives, the courts' role in issues of preliminary ruling from the European Court of Justice, the impacts of EU case law regarding the examination of registration matters from EUIPO compared with preliminary rulings from the European Court of Justice etc.

Attorneys at AWA, Groth and Roschier have assisted MARQUES with the event arrangements and will moderate the sessions.

The event will be held at Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel in Stockholm.

The seminar will be held in Swedish and there is a registration fee.

For program and registration please visit https://bit.ly/2LxyEwS