Vores kunder er innovative virksomheder fra alle de største brancher i verden. Vi er ligeledes den foretrukne europæiske samarbejdspartner for et stigende antal IP-firmaer over hele kloden.

ADB Safegate:

We have worked with AWA for over thirty years, entrusting them with much of our European IP matters. This long standing relationship is testament to their work and simply we could not manage our IP matters without them.


We are continually impressed with AWA, handling our patent prosecution and portfolio management matters for many years. AWA recently assisted us with transactional patent due diligence and their input was invaluable throughout the acquisition.


AWA acts as our in-house department and they are our trusted advisor for all matters relating to intellectual property all over the world.

Danapak Flexibles:

Danapak is very satisfied with the support we are receiving from AWA in general, which includes actively supporting our continuous evaluation of maintaining patents and the related commercial considerations. We have optimal and rapid execution of patents and if needed the same applies to utility models. They also have the ability to bring in attorneys at law from within the firm if needed, ensuring all legal aspects are considered.

VKR Holding A/S:

AWA acts as our main patent agency, coordinating activities with national patent agencies all over the world. As our chief patent agency, they also perform various types of work, such as conducting novelty searches, drafting and filing patent applications, handling prosecution and oppositions in patent matters, patent infringements and patent litigation in collaboration with national lawyers.

We are always met with a professional attitude, and straight-forward proposals for protection strategies, defensive and offensive measures in relation to oppositions, as well as for infringements and litigation proceedings.

Domtar Personal Care:

The Attends brand of adult incontinence products has worked in Europe with AWA for over seven years. This cooperation has shown AWA as being a highly competent and professional partner in business, building a solid and lasting relationship with the Attends brand as part of what has become a global IP knowledge network. Ultimately I can only congratulate AWA on their attention to detail, their professionalism and steady consistency as our two organisations have come together and moved forward with the navigation of the global market in which Attends operates.

Axis Communications AB:

We have worked with AWA for many years and have a very good collaboration, primarily for the preparation of patent applications. Over the last decade the IP department at Axis has grown from a few people to a large group, and some of them also have a background from AWA. The good collaboration with AWA is based on mutual trust and the fact that Axis and AWA share many cultural values.

Acreo Swedish ICT:

Acreo Swedish ICT has worked with AWA for several years and the cooperation, which covers everything from patent strategies to handling of individual cases, has worked extremely well. Several of us at Acreo work with AWA and it is extremely beneficial that all our employees can always have direct contact with the same person, who in turn then progresses with the case to the internal experts.

Volpe & Koenig, P.C.:

We are very pleased to entrust the European portion of our clients’ global IP portfolios to the professionals at AWA. Not only are their professionals selected from among the best technical and legal minds, they continue to keep on top of changes in all aspects of European intellectual property law. They also get to know our business, and continually ensure that the best strategy is being used to pursue our intellectual property goals. Their service is unparalleled.


The AWA attorneys who work for us are committed to learning more about our business strategy in order to provide the most suitable counseling.


With AWA we have found the perfect partner in Scandinavia with an international reach allowing us to safeguard our technology as we expand internationally.


We collaborate with, among others, AWA who helps us with advice and administration within patent and trademark issues. We feel that AWA’s office in Linköping delivers high quality in their work and that we have an effective and smooth cooperation.

ADB AG-Tech company:

Working with AWA Strategy re-energized our company! They have a solid business acumen and were able to bring challenging perspectives, and identified additional business opportunities and business models, which we are now pursuing.

Bioinformatics company:

Not only were they helping us developing a business aligned IP strategy, but also giving us valuable business input, e.g. in relation to our market approach and packaging of our offerings.

Inhouse consultants, multinational corporation in the energy sector:

AWA Strategy helped us turning IP risks and issues into business opportunities. It is now clear to us that IP is so much more than merely a legal issue.

University spinoff:

AWA Strategy clearly demonstrated that IP is so much more than patents, relevant control of intellectual assets is what really matters.

Hi-Tech material company:

AWA Strategy helped us defining a commercially viable licensing business model, with a clear roadmap for how to build an IP portfolio enabling it. Never would we have understood on our own how important the design of the individual IP rights and portfolio is for realizing commercial value from the IP investments.


AWA Strategy has been part of Einride’s journey from the start to establish the right control position in light of our business and bring us the most value from our IP, whether related to our technology, brand or any other aspect of Einride. Working with AWA, we can fast-forward to the decision-making stage as the team is up-to-date on our business objectives and plans, while taking care of all IP-related details.