Start-up services

Start-up services – IP for the newborn company – is an easier way for start-ups to use and buy services within Intellectual Property

Small companies and single inventors often struggle with their economy and prioritising between various efforts, such as marketing, product development and intellectual property. AWA wishes to contribute to make things a little easier for these small companies, and has therefore developed a number of customised services.

AWA will guarantee:

  • A safe, streamlined and cost-effective process – from the first contact with one of our attorneys to the filing of an intellectual property right, e.g. a patent, trademark or design protection.
  • The first meeting is free of charge.
  • We offer fixed, competitive prices on all our services

The service offer will also include agreements, for example a non-disclosure agreement to be used when meeting potential clients or collaborators.

The start-up services are aimed at single entrepreneurs and startups that fulfill the following requirements: The company should not be older than two years and the turnover of the company should be less than 500,000 KR.

To apply, send a brief email to, containing name, address, type of IP (patent, trademark, design or agreement) and one or two sentences about the invention.

If you are interested in AWA's Start-up services, you are welcome to send us an email ( We will get in touch shortly.