We like to create winners

We believe that true strategic advice consists of more than merely outlining alternative courses of action.

Back when AWA was first founded, an IP firm could get away with simply being experts on filing applications. Those days are long gone and to ensure the future success of our clients – and ourselves – we focus on being the comprehensive IP choice. We don't just cover the basics, we provide valuable business insights.

We like to create winners and we do this by offering our clients a full scope of services that make us a one-stop shop. Our philosophy is simple while our methods are robust. In a nutshell, we like to acquire an overall strategic picture of the intellectual property assets of not only our clients – but of their competitors as well. This allows us to best serve you in the increasingly competitive marketplace.

We stand by your side, ready to defend your intellectual property interests with every bit of knowledge at our disposal. From patents, trademarks and design to IP strategy, analysis, and legal services, our job is to make sure you hold the winning hand.