We understand the importance of business strategy and how a clear and focused strategy is critically significant to the success of your business. This is why we have a dedicated business within AWA that focuses on the strategic and commercial aspects of intellectual property.

Our team has significant industry experience as IP managers in large multinational companies. They are well-versed in business, competition and innovation work combined with a broad and truly global experience.

AWA Strategy supports clients with business-oriented IP strategies and management, thinking in terms of control instead of simply IP rights. Since every business is unique, the same goes for our services. We pride ourselves in aligning any activity we propose or perform to clearly support your business strategy and bring you closer to your goals. Without a proper IP organisation and infrastructure in place to support it, it can be difficult to make a difference.

We identify and help you take control of what makes you a leader – not only today, but in the future. We analyse your business strategy and get involved with your innovation projects to help you get ahead and stay ahead of the competition.

Highly successful products and services attract copycats. By designing a control system around your brightest offerings, we make copying more difficult and reduce the negative impacts caused by imitators.

At AWA Strategy we want to give you as much support as you need by setting you up with strategies, tools and internal processes to best control your new ventures, startups, market-entry, innovations, collaborations or spin-offs. We are adept in probing companies to find ongoing or planned business activities that will be supported by intellectual property.


  • Helping knowledge-based companies to secure and benefit from innovation, succeed in collaborative efforts and manage transactions.
  • Assisting companies to organise themselves in view of structuring IP operations among key stakeholders in the company.
  • Supporting transformation towards higher competitiveness in the knowledge-based economy, where know-how and other intellectual assets play a key role.
  • Delivering tangible, connected and actionable results – the level needed to get commercial traction from IP.

Please see our Service Cards below which demonstrate how AWA Strategy can help your company.

Client Base

Our client base includes large and small companies spanning three continents. No matter what stage you are at in your corporate life cycle – we can help you succeed.

  • 2 billion EUR chemical company
  • + 5 billion EUR security business
  • + 2 billion EUR automotive company
  • + 500 million EUR materials company
  • + 700 million EUR food company

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Services in this field are not standardised and there is no process or template for creating solutions – each situation calls for a tailor-made solution. Please download our Service Cards below which provide detailed examples of how our work can assist your business.

Commercial IP Strategy

Changing innovation models and global competition call for a proactive perspective on IP to ensure commercial value. IP operations benefit from a device that sets an expectation on IP operations and IP portfolio at a commercial level.

Organizing for Commercial Value

Organised and well-designed IP infrastructure is a prerequisite for having traction and cost-efficiency in any commercial environment. It all starts with clarity in IP infrastructure and purpose.

Innovation, Company Development and IP

In order to ensure good traction of IP, you have to see IP as a broad business tool that needs to be connected to relevant ongoing activities in the company. This includes innovation, but there are several other activities that need to be connected.

Leveraging the Company’s Knowledge Base

A better understanding and clarity of what makes the company competitive can facilitate innovation and commercialisation processes, thus generating higher value for the company.

Collaboration and Transactions

In the increasing openness of innovation models, there are both opportunities and risks when setting up and executing collaborative efforts with other parties.

Financial Valuation of Intellectual Assets

Quantifying the benefits of intellectual assets in monetary terms.

Commercial Audit – As Is

A good starting point is often to look at the current situation to get an understanding of complex situations from the commercial perspective. An as-is assessment helps align internally to see what needs to be done.

Understanding IP – Control Needs

There is a shift in mindset from “protecting” to “controlling” actors in the business ecosystem. Controlling implies building a position that makes it difficult for other parties in the business ecosystem to follow the path of the companies.

IP Manager for Hire

In knowledge-based industries, IP operations are complex and commercially important. This calls for a need to have a senior IP managerial competence by your side to help you managing IP in a professional way.

IP Manager Recruitment Support

When recruiting an IP manager, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the expectation from IP in the company. Expectations may be in the range from managing classic IPR related processes to transform the IP operations to get a stronger commercial footprint from IP.

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