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IP Transactions

From our offices across Europe and Asia, we provide clients with strategic advice and durable solutions to secure innovations, protect brands and develop solid intellectual property portfolios.

As industries and sectors become crowded, AWA helps innovators monetise on intangible assets utilising strategies and IP transactions. As markets become saturated, we help brands differentiate themselves and stand-out.

AWA’s licensing and contracts professionals provide strategic assistance with agreements by understanding the underlying technology, employing business acumen and comprehensive knowledge of the applicable laws.

We want to ensure that the true value of your intellectual assets is captured during any deal, negotiation or licensing agreement. Even though intellectual property is an intangible asset, we understand its worth and value to your business. We also know that contracts and licensing are a unique opportunity to increase the relative value of any intellectual property right.

AWA handles licensing and technology agreements for organisations of all sizes including technology transfer offices, EU-sponsored research and development work with multiple stakeholders, for universities and during large scale M&A transactions.

When it comes to contracts, we are experienced with employee inventions, declaration of consent clauses as well as trade secrets.

Our professionals will help you every step of the way with protecting and commercialising your intellectual property and are well-versed in EU and Chinese licensing and contract laws.

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  • Grace Chen
    Of Counsel
  • Carsten Lous
    European Patent Attorney, Business Area Manager, Norway
  • Kristina Walls
    Group Vice President, Business Area Manager Sweden, Swedish Patent Attorney
  • Ulf Willquist
    Partner, Senior Business Advisor, European Trademark Attorney, Patent Attorney
  • Charlotta Vink
    European Patent Attorney and Business Area Manager Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing (Sweden)