Apple seeks to protect iPad trademark in China

China is Apple’s most important market, which has led to the company building support for unique Chinese functions and services into its iOS operative system. Now, Apple is making vigorous efforts to protect itself from copies and imitations.

In November Apple settled a protracted trademark dispute with Proview – a company that considered it owned the rights to the iPad trademark in China. These rights had previously been acquired by Apple, but because of a flawed contract, Proview went to court to take the trademark back. The companies reached a settlement, and Apple was forced to pay 60 million US dollars to secure full rights to the name.

Now Apple is taking further action to protect its popular tablet in China. By registering its trademark, the company is hoping to protect distinctive features of the iPad’s appearance. The application has been submitted under International Class 009, a classification which includes computers, games consoles, e-readers and media players.