Active efforts against illegal downloads give tailwind to the music industry

The global music industry is on the road to recovery, reports the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry in a press release.

The turnaround is partly due to an upswing in the demand for licensed digital music services and strong expansion in new markets.

Income from digital music sales increased by nine per cent in 2012 in relation to the previous year and total income from music sales increased by 0.3 %. The increase is modest, but clearly indicates a trend reversal. 2012 is the first year since 1999 in which the music industry as a whole showed growth.

Sales increases have been greatest in the countries where Internet Suppliers (ISP) have actively worked to block sites which allow the illegal downloading of music. Traffic to such sites in the five European countries in which ISPs have blocked access fell by 69%. Traffic in countries in which these blocks were not successfully implemented, however, increased by 45 per cent in the same period (ComScore/Nielsen).