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Open IP – a new service from Awapatent

Awapatent now offers a new service within open innovation – Open IP.

Open IP from Awapatent is a variety of services regarding the open innovation process – ranging from project management and industry-specific knowledge to management of all legal aspects throughout the process.

Open innovation generates ideas and value

Open innovation is based on the concept that intellectual assets account for a majority of the business value in companies today. However, ideas and innovations are not necessarily generated within the client’s own company.

With an open innovation process the client may gain access to ideas and innovation in collaboration with external parties. An open innovation project may create and capture value in a company using both internal and external resources, bring talents, ideas and innovations to the company that are impossible to achieve on your own, cut costs, speed up the R&D phase, etc.

More information

If you are interested in knowing more about Open IP at Awapatent, please contact Cecilia Svantesson or Thomas Torounidis.