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Awapatent’s Innovation Barometer shows: Swedish and Danish companies continue to invest in R&D

89 per cent of the R&D managers in Sweden and Denmark believe that they will have an unchanged or increased budget for R&D in the nearest future compared to last year. 52 per cent say their budget will be unchanged, whereas 37 per cent think it will increase. As many as 96 per cent of the R&D managers say that the number of patent applications from their companies will increase or stay at the same level.

These figures are shown in the Innovation Barometer, a survey made among 50 Swedish and 50 Danish R&D managers by YouGov on behalf of Awapatent. Awapatent’s aim is to identify the conditions for and to generate a discussion about the innovation industry. The R&D managers who have been interviewed are all employed at some of Sweden’s and Denmark’s 400 largest private-owned companies.

The Innovation Barometer also shows that 96 per cent of the companies plan to keep the number of R&D staff on the same level or even increase it. At the same time 48 per cent of the companies experience difficulties in recruiting skilled staff. The conditions for working with innovation in Sweden and Denmark seem to be good – 48 per cent say it is rather easy or very easy.

If you want to read the whole survey or want more information, please contact Awapatent’s Communications Manager Birgitta von Friesendorff on +46 706 38 91 96 or birgitta.von.friesendorff@awapatent.com.