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Awapatent sponsors Excitera Innovation Challenge

This year Awapatent is one of the main sponsors of Excitera Innovation Challenge, an annual contest and event open to students at Swedish universities.The challenge in Excitera Innovation Challenge is to make marketable products of some research cases from different Swedish universities.

The competition is arranged by KTH Innovation and Excitera, an entrepreneurship association at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. The winners receive the “Next Step Award” and SEK 100,000 to be used for launching the winning product on the market. They also receive a cheque from SEB with a value of SEK 25,000 and a consultation agreement with Awapatent worth SEK 10,000.

Awapatent had the pleasure of hosting the opening event on 27 March. Malin Gullstrand Bergh from Awapatent’s Stockholm office, held a lunch seminar on IP and patents as a strategic tool for the budding entrepreneur.