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Helén Osbacker – new team leader for Awapatent’s Team Legal in Region South

Today, on 2 May Helén Osbacker will start as a new team leader for Team Legal, Region South. The team consists in total of twelve attorneys at law and assistants in Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg.

Helén has prior experience as a Corporate Legal Counsel from both law firms and companies. She started her carrier as a maritime lawyer and has worked at law firms in New York and Oslo. After a number of years at a Swedish law firm Helén became Senior Corporate Legal Counsel at Ericsson/Sony Ericsson, and worked for more than twelve years with most areas within international business law.

Awapatent has about 35 attorneys at law specialised in intellectual property, for example patents, trademarks, copyright, marketing law, agreements, litigation and other legal services. Together with the company’s 125 patent attorneys they cover the whole IP area.

Awapatent is one of Europe’s leading IP firms. Our clients are innovation intensive companies and include many of the world’s most famous trademarks and patent portfolios. Awapatent was founded in 1897 and has today 300 employees in 13 offices in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. In 2013 the turnover was 63.2 MEUR.

For more information:
• Helén Osbacker, Team Leader, Team Legal – Region South, Awapatent, helen.osbacker@awapatent.com, phone: +46 40 98 51 04
• Birgitta von Friesendorff, Communications Manager, Awapatent, birgitta.von.friesendorff@awapatent.com, phone: + 40 98 51 17