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Awapatent now has 14 official offices in 3 countries

The Awapatent office in Borås opened in 2012, and was initially staffed only by Christina iLunden once a week. The business has now grown and at the moment there are 6 colleagues from the Gothenburg office who regularly work in Borås.

The geographical position between Gothenburg and Jönköping as well as the possibility to arrange meetings in the new inspiring meeting facilities gives many opportunities to meet with customers and companies, from all over western Sweden, in Borås. The Borås office is situated in the new building Simonsland together with Borås Högskola and Smart Textiles, Drivhuset and IUC among others.

Awapatent in Borås is partner with Borås Inkubator as well as Modeinkubatorn and Connect Väst. With a focus on attending fairs, networking, meetings and other socializing events, the intention is to put Awapatent on the map as an interested, engaged and professional IP-partner for companies and people in the Borås region.