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Awapatent sponsors Zennström Green Mentorship Award

The Zennström Green Mentorship Award was created by Zennström Philanthropies to support individual cleantech startups as well shine a spotlight on entrepreneurs in Sweden working to tackle climate change and create a low carbon future. The GMA programme for 2014/2015 has expanded to provide business mentorship and business development services for four innovative early stage Swedish clean technology companies with the overall winner receiving personal mentorship from Niklas Zennström (the Swedish founder of Skype).

Last Friday, a meeting between the Mentors and the four companies was held. Some of the mentors were Niklas Zennström, Atomico (previously Skype); David Sanders, Director at The Carbon Trust; Graham Holman, General counsel at Sumitomo; Per Grunewald, Senior Vice President Electrolux; Johan Rippe, deputy CEO of PWC Sweden and Thomas Torounidis from Awapatent’s Helsingborg office.

The four companies were Bioptech and Watty, both from Stockholm, and Swedish Algae Factory and Playback Energy, both from Gothenburg.