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Awapatent is proud to work with DropBucket – one of the winners in Red Dot Design Awards

DropBucket was started in 2012 by Marie S. Berggreen and Heiða G. Nolsøe, Bachelors of Design & Innovation from DTU (Technical University of Denmark). Their product is a disposable trash can to be used at concerts, festivals and other events where the visitors generate a lot of trash. The DropBucket is made of recycled paper with a thin plastic film, which strengthens the material and makes it water-repellent. It is very easy to set up and it is deposed with its contents after use. An example of a big client is the Roskilde Festival.

Awapatent has helped DropBucket protect both design and trademark. We are very proud to work with such talented and successful clients.

Red Dot Product Design Awards have awarded the world’s most innovative objects and systems since 1954. The categories range from lighting to watches and household appliances. More than 4,900 entries were received for Red Hot Award 2015, representing 31 categories and 56 countries.

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