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Awapatent ready to represent clients before the UPC

The requirements for representing a party before the Unified Patent Court, UPC, have now been finally drafted, which means that a number of Awapatent attorneys who have passed the European Patent Litigation Course, or acted as a judge in patent infringement cases, are qualified to represent clients before the UPC.
These European Patent Attorneys are:

Lars Nilsson
Niklas Mattsson
Sidsel Hauge
Eva Carlsson
Torbjörn Presland
Inga-Lill Andersson
Ole Bokinge
Peter Indahl
Sofia Willquist

Awapatent has for a long time now prepared for the implementation of the Unitary Patent System in Europe and thus the UPC, and this is why we are ready to assist clients in all technical areas. Also our Attorneys from AWA Law, Anette Rasmussen, Mette Bender and Henriette Rasch, may represent clients before the UPC when the Court opens for operations.
If the rules of procedure are adopted, lawyers in Sweden will have the same possibility.