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Awapatent is a partner in the royal initiative GEN-PEP

We exercise too little and eat too bad. Sweden is one of the most sedentary countries in Europe, and the number of children who reach the recommended amount of physical activity – one hour a day – is small. Our unhealthy habits will kill us and it is time to take the problems seriously.This is the background for GEN-PEP.

Founding partners are Carl Bennet AB, Cristina Stenbeck Youth Foundation, Familjen Erling Perssons Stiftelse, ICA, Kronprinsessparets Stiftelse, Stiftelsen Marcus och Amalia Wallenbergs Minnesfond, and Telia.

“With this initiative, the Crown Princess and I hope to lift one of the most important issues of our time, namely the health of children and young people”, says Prince Daniel.