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Dotkeeper new domain name partner for Awapatent

Dotkeeper is Awapatent’s new domain name partner. They will from now on support Awapatent and their clients with secure and strategic domain name management. The agreement covers registration, administration and strategic consulting concerning domain name issues.

“In today’s digital world, a domain name is a very important aspect of company branding, says Magnus Hallin, CEO, Awapatent.

“We must be able to support our clients with domain name issues as an integrated part of our consulting services. Thanks to the cooperation with Dotkeeper, we now have a professional, modern and customer orientated partner and together we can help our clients even further.”

Hjalmar Antonsson, CEO and founder of Dotkeeper adds:
“It is very inspiring to start collaborating with Awapatent. Our business models complement each other well. Awapatent has a long history and operates in a number of different countries – they are an ideal partner for us.”

Helena Ribbefors, Attorney at Law and Business Development Manager at Awapatent, and Sannah Westerlund, Marketing Manager at Dotkeeper, have been responsible for the mutual agreement.
“Dotkeeper fulfills all requirements of a domain name partner that we and our clients have. We are very happy to be able to strengthen our digital services offer,” says Helena Ribbefors.

“We see great potential in this cooperation where we can offer our clients the best of both worlds. We give each others’ business offers a timely boost,” adds Sannah Westerlund.