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Awapatent – 120 Years of Excellence

Awapatent’s story began in 1897 with Swedish graduate engineer Anders Wilhelm Anderson (whose initials became the ‘AWA’ in Awapatent) and his understanding of the importance of patents for the industrialised Europe. Innovations were transforming the continent and Anderson quickly realised that patents would become a key business tool.

Since then, a remarkable 120 years have passed and Awapatent has become one of the leading firms in IP with around 300 employees and offices in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, China and Hong Kong. We focus on creating business opportunities for our clients using IP – just like Andersson did back in 1897.

We are proud of our history and excited for the future as Awapatent celebrates its 120th birthday today.

Please watch this short film about Awapatent’s history: https://youtu.be/Nu_lMF-pFs0