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AWA Litigation secures important win for client Hexatronic in high-stake patent infringement case

On 20 October 2017, the Swedish Patent and Market Court issued a judgment in a patent dispute between Emtelle UK Ltd. and Awapatent’s client Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems AB, a Hexatronic Group subsidiary.

In spring 2015, Hexatronic was sued by Emtelle Ltd. regarding an alleged infringement of a Swedish patent relating to what is known as air blown fiber. Hexatronic contested the suit and issued a counter-suit claiming that the Emtelle patent should be declared invalid.

After two and a half years of litigation, two denied requests for interlocutory injunction, an unusually large number of auxiliary requests, and four days of main hearing, the Patent and Market Court delivered its verdict, favouring Hexatronic.

The Emtelle patent was revoked due to lack of basis in the application as filed. None of the eleven auxiliary requests that eventually remained at the time of the main hearing were admitted. The decision, which may be subject to appeal, is a great success for Hexatronic and for Awapatent.

“We are happy with the verdict which met the expectations we have had throughout the legal process,” says Henrik Larsson Lyon, CEO at Hexatronic Group AB.

“Our success is the result of grit, versatility, and the excellence displayed by the Awapatent team, fueled by a combination of the very high expectations and trust that the Hexatronic Group management team has put in us throughout the process. We are pleased to have fulfilled our undertaking with such a satisfying outcome,” says Malin Gullstrand Bergh, Partner and Patent Attorney at Awapatent.