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AWA expands to the US

With the opening of our representative office in at Cambridge Innovation Center (Cambridge, Boston) we are delighted to be closer to our clients to assist them with their IP needs in Europe and China/Hong Kong.

At CIC, AWA will be represented by AWA Innovation amongst others; a business area aimed to help clients with their IP strategy and business development. AWA Innovation will focus on establishing a foothold for AWA’s new digital IP tool PatAlert.

John Karlström, Head of AWA Innovation, said:

“With our vision to increase IP awareness around the world and to be the first choice in IP intelligence, Cambridge seemed like the perfect place to continue to develop and give startups the possibility to try out our product PatAlert. In a land where IP is considered too hard and too expensive to handle, our approach has received a warm welcome and we see great potential for this project.”

CIC was founded in 1999 in Kendall Square (Cambridge) and currently houses more than 1000 companies across 8 locations, offering office and co-working space. CIC companies come from a wide variety of industries, and while the community is composed primarily of start-ups, it also includes larger companies, investors, and service providers.

CIC also offers innovation centres in Boston, Miami, St Louis and Rotterdam (Netherlands).