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GDPR services from AWA

As of 25 May 2018, processing of personal data is subject to new European legislation; the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This legislative act is a European Union Regulation, immediately applicable and enforceable in all EU member states. The provisions of the Regulation are therefore relevant to anyone who processes information relating to an identifiable and living natural person within the EU, other than processing made for purely personal or household activities. Relevant processing can include keeping a register of your customers, a payroll for your employees and a list of the winners of a running competition.

The new Regulation brings a need for practical changes to processing of personal data, especially with regards to IT security, communicating information to data subjects, performance of impact assessments and keeping records of your processing. Non-compliance can lead to hefty administrative fines, and it is not possible to transfer responsibility of data protection onto someone else.

For the individual data subject, the protection of rights and freedoms are strengthened, e.g. with the right to be forgotten and the right to portability of personal data. Enforced rights for the individual means higher demands on the data processor to care for and respect those rights.

AWA can support you

AWA can help your company to review your needs to adapt and adjust to comply with the GDPR to safeguard that your organisation and technical means are up to speed with the requirements. Together, we will revise the personal data you process, how you keep records of the processing and who is responsible within the organisation for processing activities.

Please contact your IP consultant at AWA for more information. You can also turn to Louise Jonshammar, attorney-at-law and GDPR specialist at AWA, louise.jonshammar@awa.com or +46 728 19 88 22.