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AWA highly recommended in latest IAM Patent 1000

AWA Sweden and AWA Denmark are ranked as highly recommended firms in IAM Patent 1000 as the 2018 rankings are released. Twelve AWA IP professionals are also listed as recommended individuals.

Julia Mannesson, Inga-Lill Andersson, Peter Kenamets, Mikael Henriksson, Mattias Pierrou, Urban Lind, Niklas Mattsson, Martin Tranälv and Sören Giver were recommended for Sweden.

For Denmark, Sidsel Hauge and Eva Carlsson have been recommended. Eva has also being individually ranked for her EPO work.

In addition, AWA Asia’s Xiaofan Chen was recommended for transactions under China: Foreign.

To read IAM Patent 1000’s motivations, please see below or visit their website.

AWA Sweden

“In a conflict, we would have no problem recommending AWA”, confides one peer, echoing the market’s wider confidence in “one of Scandinavia’s largest, most well-trained and professional IP sets”. “No matter who’s in charge, the output remains consistent” thanks to the efforts of Julia Mannesson, a mentor to the group’s trainees and a rights protection champion. She has recently been prosecuting patents for Skanska Sverige. Sören Giver is preparing the next generation to take over the crew’s renowned toil before the European Patent Office (EPO). A skilled IP strategist, he maintains a network of clients and associates across Europe and the United States. The same applies for Niklas Mattsson, “an excellent professional and a pleasure to work with”, who is in demand for his ability to secure supplementary protection certificates. Dispersed across Sweden, the firm’s specialists in opposition and appeal proceedings – Mikael Henriksson, Urban Lind and Inga-Lill Andersson – have established an impressive profile. Henriksson has spent nearly two decades on the Awapatent team and he truly is a biochemical savant, adroit in oral proceedings and a dab hand in less heated matters too. Lind takes point on the specialist US law division, transposing his European and US know-how into added value. Andersson has drummed up an influx of new business; the chemical maven’s remarkable IP skills, commercial outlook and pioneering attitude make her a must-hire attorney. “Any discussion of the firm’s dominance in prosecution is incomplete without Mattias Pierrou”, who makes his debut in the IAM Patent 1000 this year. Taking the lead on portfolio management for major electronics devotees over the last 18 months, “the seasoned prosecutor is highly valued by his following”; he applies his comprehensive knowledge in the optics field for display technology manufacturer BOE Technology. “An experienced litigator”, Peter Kenamets masterminds the set’s patent operations. A dominant force in the contentious realm, he showcases his foresight and strategy on behalf of the European operations of major multinationals in myriad industries. Kenamets turns to renowned lawyer Martin Tranälv to put any doubts that may arise about the squad’s power in disputes swiftly to bed.

AWA Denmark

Followers of Scandinavian IP troupe AWA perceive its excellence to be rooted in “experienced, well-prepared and client-oriented attorneys”. One client enthuses: “We are consistently met with professionalism, straightforward protection proposals and strong performance in opposition and infringement proceedings.” A strategic powerhouse, the firm appeals to the flourishing start-up scene, which appreciates its strong digital focus and growing emphasis on the Asian market. Life sciences maven Sidsel Hauge tops the increasingly diverse technical cast. An incredibly experienced prosecutor, she is also an instrumental operative in contentious work across myriad industries. Shoulder-to-shoulder with Hauge in tackling the surge of construction cases is Eva Carlsson, who “quickly understands clients’ businesses and builds robust protection strategies to match”. A polyglottal renaissance woman who has been with the set for 25 years, she is “devoted to securing IP rights nationally and regionally without restriction”.

Xiaofan Chen (AWA Asia)

Former Liu Shen man Xiaofan Chen got in on the ground floor at AWA Asia when it opened in 2015. A smooth operator in both contentious and non-contentious settings, he is rapidly making headway under the Scandinavia patent giant’s banner, earning the group a local reputation in mechanical engineering, manufacturing and computer science domains.