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We welcome new colleagues to AWA

The AWA family is expanding and we are very happy to welcome IP professionals Josefin Alvén, Cathrin Johansson, Ylva Strandberg, Päivi Emilia Leino, Daniel Enetoft and Nora Spjuth to our firm.

Josefin Alvén is Vice President, Business Area Manager West Sweden at AWA. She has a background both from the public and private sectors. Prior to joining AWA, Josefin held a position as managing director at an international consultancy firm that provides capital market, fund and corporate services to multinationals, financial institutions and PE funds. Josefin has worked as advisor and consultant and has served as board member in companies based in Sweden and Norway. Josefin holds a law degree (LLM) from Lund University.

Cathrin Johansson is Head of Awa Innovation where she oversees the development and implementation of PatAlert and manages the Innovations Department. Her latest employment was at ALMI Innovation where she worked with business development. Cathrin has experience in running her own consultancy firm and has also worked as Regional Director for Venture Cup and Head of Business & Development in the municipality of Sollefteå. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Strategic Communication from Lund University.

Ylva Strandberg is a registered Australian and New Zealand (trans-Tasman) patent attorney. She is a part of Team Biotech Pharma North in Stockholm. Prior to joining AWA, Ylva worked as an in-house attorney at Vuly and in the Life Sciences team of Cullens, Brisbane’s first patent and trade mark attorney firm. Ylva holds a Master of Science in Biomedical Chemistry from the University College of Kalmar, a Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from the University of Queensland, and a Master of Industrial Property from the University of Technology Sydney.

Päivi Emilia Leino is a trademark lawyer originating from Finland. She was worked for law firms specialising in EU trademarks and at the EUIPO in the Operations Department, to mention but a few. Päivi holds a Master of Law from the University of Helsinki.

Daniel Enetoft is a certified European Patent Attorney specialising in the field of Software inventions. He graduated as a MSc in Media Technology and Engineering at Linköping University in 2008. Prior to joining AWA in 2011, Daniel has been working as a Software Engineer in different companies in the medtech industry. Daniel left AWA at 2016 to work as a Technical Expert Manager for Apptus Technolgy, and was after that self-employed for a year before returning to AWA in May 2018.

Nora Spjuth is a recently qualified European Patent Attorney (2018). Her latest employment was at Ericsson’s patent department where she worked with telecommunication related inventions. Nora has also worked as a patent examiner at PRV. She holds a Master of Science in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering from Uppsala University. Nora starts at AWA on 3 September.