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AWA strengthens the anti-counterfeiting offer with new partner Yellow Brand Protection

AWA and Yellow Brand Protection have partnered up to broaden and intensify the offer in trademarks and brand protection online.

“Online infringement is a rapidly growing problem for many companies, and it is crucial that we can support our trademark clients with these issues as well. Thanks to our partnership with Yellow Brand Protection we will now stand much stronger. They are among the most skilled and experienced specialists, and we are very pleased to have signed this agreement,” says Magnus Hallin, CEO at AWA.

“Since AWA is a leading intellectual property firm in Europe and Asia, we are very excited about this collaboration. The partnership shows that a world-leading and innovative technology together with AWA’s vast experience spanning over 100 years, can enable a richer offering for new and existing clients in their mission to protect their IP rights,” says Annelie Demred, Director of Partnership at Yellow Brand Protection.

Yellow Brand Protection is a leading global provider of online anti-counterfeiting services, with the widest search reach on the market, covering all key online sales channels and 1,000 online marketplaces worldwide, including almost 200 in China. By reducing online counterfeit sales, they help to reduce counterfeit sales in the real world.