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Marjolaine Thulin from AWA had a dream that was picked up by EPO

Recently EPO is publishing a special edition of Patent Information News, presenting achievements from 40, 30, 20 and 10 years ago. One of these achievements is the ‘I have a dream’ speech that Marjolaine Thulin (Senior Patent Information Specialist at AWA) gave 10 years ago at an EPO conference in Stockholm.

Read the article here.

These are Marjolaine’s own words about her speech and the results:

‘Ten years ago you could not easily get an overview of the status of a granted European patent in the designated states. My dream, presented at the EPO patent information conference in Stockholm in 2008, was that each granted European patent should have a tab in the European patent register dedicated to post-grant status information in a table form where you could see the current status in each designated country including details on fee payments and other events that have bearing on the status of a granted European patent. The presentation was received very positively and the work from the EPO in cooperation with the offices from the member states started not long after. It has resulted in the Federated patent register which is very close to my dream from 10 years ago.’