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Record amount raised for childhood cancer research by Team Rynkeby

Nordic charity cycling organisation Team Rynkeby – God Morgon raised an all-time high of EUR 3.4 million for children with cancer in 2018

Every summer, teams from different parts of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands go to Paris by bike to raise money for critically ill children.

The charity started in 2002 with ten Danish colleagues who decided to go to Paris by bike as a part of a sponsored health challenge at work. They donated what they had raised to childhood cancer research. The initiative continued over the next coming years and in 2018, over two thousand people rode their bikes to Paris for the cause.

Michael Alphov (pictured above) was the captain for the Gothenburg team in 2016 and 2018. He joined the charity organisation after losing his two-year-old daughter to cancer in 2013.

“It is an amazing project and something everyone can do. The teams consist of people of different ages, backgrounds, and professions. You get to meet people you would never meet otherwise. What we have in common is our one goal and that unites us.”

The teams meet up to train for the cycle ride several times a week throughout the year leading up to the ride to Paris – whilst raising money doing events and fundraisers at the same time. It is a big commitment for the participants, but the common cause drives them forward. Team Rynkeby – God Morgon is today the single biggest donor to Barncancerfonden (Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund).

Every year, Barncancerfonden uses the money raised for research within a specific medical area. In 2018, it was used for late complications.

“More children than ever survive cancer today, but many suffer late complications following their treatments. If the child has undergone radiation therapy for a brain tumour, it might have damaged the brain. Sometimes this doesn’t become obvious until years later. This is where our raised EUR 3.4 million went this year,” says Michael.

Cancer is the main cause for childhood mortality today. In Sweden, a child is diagnosed with cancer every single day. Michael stresses that even though EUR 3,4 million is a great achievement, much more is needed to fight childhood cancer.

“As a company, you can make a difference by involving your staff in raising money; arrange sponsored runs, do smaller fundraisers, get people active and committed to the cause. And always give what you can, even if it’s little.”

AWA has been a proud sponsor and supporter of Team Rynkeby since 2013. In 2018, we supported the Gothenburg team and we will support another team next year.

To find out more about Team Rynkeby – God Morgon and their important work, please visit their website.