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We now provide advanced, integrated services for trademarks and domains

In today’s digital age, our clients are increasingly enquiring about comprehensive solutions for legal and digital brand management. This inspired us at AWA and Dotkeeper – after a few years of working together – to merge in the Summer 2018. By combining forces, we can deliver a powerful, complete package for both the legal and digital aspects of trademark and domain name protection.

Today marks the launch of a range of services to help our clients with management and strategic support for both domains and trademarks – in an integrated way.

“Domain names and trademarks are intimately connected and will continue to grow closer as e-commerce and digitalisation develops. When you build brands today, it is essential to take a strategic, holistic approach to trademarks and domains. A deep knowledge of law, digital technology and practical management are required. Through our joint offer, we can provide these services to our clients in a unique way” – Magnus Hallin, Group CEO at AWA

By taking an integrated approach to trademarks and domain management, we remove the hassle, uncertainty and any unnecessary distractions. For example, when expanding or dealing with online trademark infringement.

“We have listened to our clients’ requests for a combined client experience and delivery. We now offer integrated services and are hard at work on a new digital platform for our clients. The platform will provide you with an overview of your legal and digital brands with access to management functions – all in one place” – Sannah Westerlund, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of Dotkeeper

The advantages of putting trademark and domain-related activities together through AWA and Dotkeeper are numerous. Our clients have access to effective, in-depth strategic experts in the field that understand both the legal and digital spheres. This ensures that we can proactively find strategic opportunities and short-cuts, and make sure nothing falls between the cracks. Our presence and consulting services are local and global.

Want to find out more about our services?
Check out domainandtrademark.expert or feel free to reach out to Sannah or Magnus using the information below.

Sannah Westerlund

Magnus Hallin