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AWA Board of Directors appoints Thor Mosaker as Group Chief Executive Officer

The Board of Directors of AWA Holding has appointed Thor Mosaker as Group CEO. Thor has dedicated much of his career to intellectual property and has held the position of Regional Director Norway, Germany and the UK at Zacco. He has also been CEO of Smart Innovation Norway, a private research company within artificial intelligence and smart energy.

Thor will assume the role of Group CEO on March 1, 2020. “The Board of Directors of AWA Holding is pleased to announce that Thor Mosaker will become Group CEO. Thor possesses the qualities to lead the AWA Group and has solid experience within the IP industry as both a client and as a service provider, giving him the unique perspective to fully understand, grow and lead all parts of AWA’s business. He has a strong client focus that relates to the company’s vision and will resonate with AWA’s global client base. Thor has a proven track record of driving change, and of delivering growth and profitability,” says Nina Linander, Chair of the Board of Directors of AWA Holding.

“I am delighted and honored to be appointed Group CEO. Given the AWA Group’s unique position with qualified attorneys and specialists, geographical position, strong client base and foothold in Europe and Asia, AWA has the ability to continue evolving as a role model for the global IP industry. Combining this with AWA’s recent expanded presence in Europe through Pronovem and extended digital IP services through Dotkeeper, AWA brings immense benefits to all of its clients, partners, employees and shareholders around the world. I am already looking forward to meeting the team and together continuing the journey of making AWA the leading IP firm in Europe with a presence in Asia and an extensive global reach,” says Thor Mosaker, appointed Group CEO.

Magnus Hallin will continue as Group CEO in the interim until Thor’s commencement, at which time Magnus will leave the AWA Group. “The Board of Directors wishes to thank Magnus for all his great work and commitment to developing AWA over the years. AWA has consistently performed as a leader in the Scandinavian IP industry through Magnus’ direction. We have also successfully established ourselves in Denmark, Asia and Belgium, as well as expanding our footprint in Sweden. The Board and I regret that Magnus has chosen to leave the company, but we also respect his decision in taking a new step in his career and wish him all the best in the future,” says Nina Linander, Chair of the Board of Directors of AWA Holding.